Girl Code (Biggest Freaks Edition)


NO promoting (sharing links to other groups, sharing o...ther groups posts, adding our members into your groups, spamming posts with your group links or mentioning your group)

NO Blocking Admin (if you block an admin for any reason you will be removed automatically)

NO nudes (this includes memes as well. Anything that shows bare ass, genitals or bare breasts is considered nude. Covered nipples are fine, so are thong pics. photos of ppl/cartoons having sex are considered nudes )

NO catfishing (admin have the right to ask for proof of identity at any given time if they feel you aren't who you claim to be. Proof of identity includes writing your name & date on a piece of paper. Failure to prove identity will result in a ban.)

NO disrespect (debating with another member is fine but do so in a respectful manner. We are all adults)

NO Reporting the group ever ( if a rule is being broken notify admin this will help keep the group up. If you report or threaten to report you will be banned )

NO sharing ones personal photos to your page. Memes are fine.

DO NOT post anyone's photo unless you are in the photo with them OR they are a part of the group.

If you are under the age of 18 EXIT NOW.