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Rules of page :-
◎ Advertisement any links to the group as well as porn site links to the pages, adults links, etc. will not be posted.

◎ Add me not be posted.

◎ Bad language / slang can not be posted .

◎ One another with personal issues can not write a letter.

◎ From any criticism of the subject can not be brought.

◎ Porn / bad pictures, video or audio files Post / can not comment.

◎ Political post / comment will not be.

◎ Post or comment on any names without permission
You can not specify.

◎ Can not be treated with the admin.

◎ Can not block Admin

☆ If you have any problems in our group, please contact Admin

☆ Group of action you refrain from any offensive language.

☆ The "ADD ME" JOIN IT, LIKE PAGE will be entering the post. And
for those who would like to post them, will be banned.

☆ If the rules are violated ... you will direct ban