North korean defectors (no spam plz)

this group is to bring awareness to the suffering and the hardships of the north korean defectors/refugees. Also a petition for the U.N to force china to in keep in international law. china is suppose to provide safe haven for north korean refugees. Acording to the United Nations definition, a refugee is a person who has a "well founded fear of being persecuted for reason of race, religion, nationality, (or) membership of a particular social group of political opinion". A refugee is also a person who, because of fear, is "unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country...(or) unwilling to return to it"
Dispite protests and the law, Chinese government is still sending North Korean deffectors back, where they are brutaly punished..or even killed. Becasue China has close ties to North Korea, it is less interested in protecting the rights of defectors then in keeping the north korean government happy. As a result North koreans escape into china to excape the North Korean Regime. To do so most must brave crossing the Tumen river as it is the most effective way in to china. After they have made it, they are not safe yet and must live in fear of being caught. Because of their vulnerability they are taken advantage of by trafficers and forced into the sex trade or to work on the internet, other are sold to chinese men as wives, because of the fact that there is the one child rule in china, most familys see girls as not as valuble as boys so will abandon them, Thus makin it difficult to find a wife. Once the North Koreans can obtain fake chinese ID they cross into south korea and seek citizenship. Because of the war and the Noth and South boreder divide, it is to hard to cross from north korea to south since it is so heavily fortified