Bernie Sanders & Jeremy Corbyn Supporters

A group dedicated to supporters of two great champions of the pe...ople:

Jeremy Corbyn from the UK and Bernie Sanders from the USA.

The aim is to have a discussion about policies, campaigns, ideas and to help unite and propel both political movements in order to bring about real change. By combining our campaigns we can greatly enhance support for our campaigns.

We're also trying to get an initiative trending over Facebook groups starting with this group called the 'MSM Free Zone.' According to research by famous linguist, Noam Chomsky, it is very clear that the biggest challenge facing both Corbyn and Sanders and any other candidate that is for the people and not the big corporations and donors, is the mainstream media, or MSM for short. We therefor need to drastically reduce our use of mainstream media and promote alternate media sources that produce media/journalism solely for the people in order to have the best chance of making a positive difference. Examples of alternate media include:

Scisco Media
Novara Media
The Young Turks
The Canary
And many, many more....

Every day I will be selecting one or two posts from the group that I will share onto our Facebook page:

If you would like to start something trending over social media such as the #FeelTheBern hashtag on twitter then please message me personally and I'll try to get everyone on board so we can get it trending.

Feel free to share similar groups in this group :)

And also feel free to invite whoever you think would like to join as we need this to be a big movement in order to bring about real change but just a few rules first:
1. No spamming
2. No cursing or swearing
3. No unrelated posting

#JezWeCan #JC4PM
#BritsForBernie #Bernie2016 #AmericansForCorbyn
#BernieSanders #JeremyCorbyn