funny of Faculty of Physical Therapy 2013/2014 in october university

Group of Therapy students of 6 October university ..
Class of [ 2013-2014 ]

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♥***Physical Therapy***♥
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You can find everything related to our class of physical therapy in october 6 university , News, Pictures , Help , Programmes and Different kinds of Activities of us as therapiests ..


( Read it Carefully )

1. Respect the other members and the admins .

2. If any post or member bothers you by words please tell the admins about

him/her and we will remove the post with it's publisher.

3. Don't write a phone number or an E-mail in puplic post in the group, You can

send private message instead for the wanted person.

4. Take care of your words and don't write a word make us misunderstand you

5. Please introduce yourself in our group when you join us , and keep good

impression to others.

6. You can Chat with other members in Group Chat Box instead of writting millions

of posts ( Chating Posts will be removed )

7. You free to invite other classmates in college or O6U university, but remind

him/her about these roles.

8. You Can Share us anything you want to Share and we will be pleasured to read

your thoughts , dreams , or any other thing and share it with you.

9. For any help please contact the admins and we will be pleased to help you

anytime, just send a message , or write a post.


Enjoy Your Stay With us ..ܟ

۩๑۩๑۩๑۩ { Admins Of Groups } ۩๑۩๑۩๑۩
۩๑..............Dr.hema nashat..............๑۩
۩๑............. Dr.ahmed mostafa..............๑۩

♥ ♥ [ S P E C I A L T H A N K S ] ♥ ♥


this group over this year, and for her Great Appearance ..