Aberdeen Baby & Kiddie's Items Buy/Swap/Sell

Buy/Sell/Swap of all baby & childrens items/clothes/toys ect in mainly in Aberdeen but posts are welcome from the surrounding areas !

BABY stuff is EXPENSIVE!So feel free to Sell, Swap or give away all your finished with baby equipment, clothes, toys, maternity clothes, childrens clothes & toys etc on this group. Please be honest about condition & post pictures if possible to maximise ur advert & arrange pick-up with seller at a time that suits them all details of address's & telephone number please keep to Private Mails.

To buy/swap/sell anyhting else please do so on the other group which is -



*ALL single ads posted MUST have an AREA, DESCRIPTION/SIZE & PRICE stated on them or they will be removed.

* Please try to make up an ALBUM NO MATTER HOW MANY ITEMS you have as you can always add more to them and it also saves your ads been spread all over the place!

* When making an album PLEASE TITLE THE ALBUM with YOUR NAME & AREA. Also if you look UNDERNEATH each picture you will see ''EDIT'' if you click that & add ALL OF YOUR INFO (DESCRIPTION/SIZES/PRICE & AREA'S TO EACH PICTURE) instead of adding your information in comment form under each one!Just another way to improve the group & also the details of the items posted. Would appreciate it if everyone could follow this new listing rule if anyone need's help or to ask any questions please PM me

* Any ads WITHOUT PICTURES please write them on the comments section UNDERNEATH your album

*Please do not bump up your ad more than ONCE a day to give everyone a chance!

*ONLY post baby and childrens items ect on this page and the other group for anything else!

*Anyone misusing this site eg. With nasty comments/ Bieng Rude/Re-selling items previosuly recieved free or cheap from other groups ect will be blocked & removed from group!

*Everyone and anyone is aloud to post on her remember to tell all your friends ect about this page and get the word spread so as we have a constant flow of items :)

*If more than one person is interested in an item it is completely upto the seller who gets the item and no item is sold to anyone until the seller says so! So if someone comments on an item after you they are more than entitled to ask questions until the item is sold!

*Any items that havent had any activity on them for 1 month will be deleted to keep the group free with fresh items that are available/have interest! All items posted on the wanted ad document that are over a week old will also be removed.