You know you're from Maastricht University when...

You leave home while it's still dark and come back home, when it's dark again.

You don't know the current weekday, but you know the next deadline.

You don't know the reason, why there is a wall of opportunities.

You expect a heart attack before you turn 30.

You try hard to stay serious, if you hear others talking about their high workload.

You are not counting in semesters but in blocks and years.

You have to hand in papers at 8.30am if you have tutorial at 4pm.

You know that 'deadline' and 'extension' never occur in the same sentence.

The study abroad period is more 'abroad' than 'study'.

Your friends ask for appointments to see you again.

You think is too long and would prefer the old

You know the library guard by name. And he knows yours.

You are annoyed that the library closes at 10pm.

You hand in your time preferences for morning sessions and get night sessions.

You think you had a relaxing weekend because you have been at the library just 1 day.

You think that skills trainings are the official vacation weeks.

You know that the library is the social hotspot in the town.

You hear more german than dutch.

You wonder if MU is still dutch or already german.

You know what the "income" is.

You are happy because you have no class today, so that you spend all day studying!

You spend most of your days at the sushi bar, the catwalk, in the fridge or the aquarium.

You have a life cycle of 8 weeks.

You know the following sentence by heart: "Bing" It's 9 o'clock. Time to start this exam. From now on, the rules and regulations apply. Cellphones are not allowed.

You are excellent.

You feel guilty for taking a friday night off.

You wonder if you should go home on Wednesday, as the study load is only 40 hours per week , but you have to stay till sunday evening.