Salam Satu Borneo! Welcome to BorneoCommunity@KL.

This forum is... open to all Borneoans & those who love Borneo, in particular those who are based in Klang Valley, or otherwise elsewhere as well.

We are here to share information that will be useful for everyone.
As we are far from home (Borneo), grateful to receive information on Borneo's foods, services and products. Just about anything Borneo will do. If time permits and everyone agrees, we will also organise a once a month gathering in any makan place in KL, makan ramai-ramai, bayar sendiri-sendiri ;-)

As our aim is for Unity and to re-create Borneo's harmony, we advise Divisive topics such as religion, race & politic to be avoided totally. Gladly welcome more uniting ones like sports, culture, food, and lifestyle.

Above all, we want to remain brothers and sisters here...the BORNEO WAY.


D.O.B 5th January 2016