Cambridge University Indian Classical Arts Society

" is a freedom within discipline – which is a beautiful concept." – words of Amjad Ali Khan, one of India’s greatest musicians, and an exponent of an art that dates back to medieval times.
Thats Indian Classical Arts in a nutshell for you!
The Cambridge University Indian Classical Arts Society is the seed sown by the passion of a bunch of 'madly-in-love-with-Indian-Classical' Dancers and Musicians at Cambridge. We love our art and we love to share it with you.. thats' why we're here as CU-ICAS.
CU-ICAS is a platform to share the experience of sheer joy we feel through our art with the vibrant and versatile taste of the Cambridge fraternity, to reach out to other Indian Classical musicians and dancers who, like us, perhaps many-a-time sat at their desks wondering where all the rest of the lot were locked away, and who, like us, simply love to create music and dance!
Wondering what Indian Classical Arts could be like?
Love it but just missed it for way too long?
Come along to our very first show on the 28th of January - Kalaa - the humble launch of CU-ICAS with an evening of Indian Classical Dance. It will be a Cambridge winter evening like never before.. an evening away from supervisions and research labs you will never regret.. your rendezvous with a living tradition.
Come fall in love.. with the millennia old treasure of Indian Classical Arts!