Grenada Lake Yardsale group

RULES FOR THE GROUP: PLEASE DO NOT DUPLICATE PHOTOS, PLEASE DO DELETE THEM AS THEY SELL. If you can't tag me or Lynn Yates Crim and we will see if we can take care of it. Don't make a habit of it when you can do it our self. I am aware that some can't. DO NOT BUMP MORE THAN ONE TIME IN A 24- 48 HOUR PERIOD . Out of town sellers need to be willing to meet a Grenada buyer here or find some way of getting them their items. I also feel that If your in Grenada and sell out town, you need to get the buyer their items some way. There are number of ways. example: wait til your going that way or they are coming your way, ship item to buyer for a small fee, send by a friend, or even meet them half way if they are willing to do the same. I understand some items are not possible and need to be picked up by buyer. THERE WILL BE NO DRAMA TOLERATED IN THIS GROUP. If you have a problem with someone please inbox myself or Lynn. My group is for everyone to enjoy selling and buying from others. I would like this group to run as smoothly and professionally as possible and will not tolerate anyone not following rules. I expect everyone to follow the rules of this group If not you WILL be DELETED. It takes just a little effort to stay on with us and enjoy the benefits of shopping and selling at reasonable prices for all. I hope all of you continue to shop and sell with us. HAPPY SHOPPING AND SELLING. THANKS AGAIN, for your cooperation.