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** DO NOT AGGRESSIVELY ADDRESS ANOTHER MEMBER** If you have a problem with a member, please bring it to the attention of an administrator in a private message.There is no reason to go to that extreme!

The following people are Admins on the page:
Robert Herrington
Angela McBride
Connie Crick

Rules: If you sell on this page, please either live in the Batesville area or deliver to Batesville. If you inquire about an item, you must be willing to travel to Batesville, unless arrangements are made between yourself and the seller. Do not take advantage of people by not telling them locations until after the deal has been made.

If you have more than 3 items, PLEASE make an album. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO CREATE AN ALBUM DUE TO UPLOADING FROM A PHONE or other device, ONLY POST 5 ITEMS!!
If you upload more than 5 items without it being put in an album...your items will be deleted. DO NOT post the same item several times. Please scroll through the site, find your post, and Bump it up. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE delete your items when they are sold.

If we receive too many complaints about a person, we reserve the right to delete ANYONE with no action taken against us. If a member blocks an admin at any time the member will be permanently banned from the site!!

BUYER BEWARE: If you are buying an item, check everything out before leaving. There are no warranties on the item's purchased. If you don't try it out or check it over before you purchase, there is nothing we can do about it...however, if you are caught taking advantage of other members.