FadlCarda Leukemia Foundation

FLF believes that a strong, well-informed and integrated commu...nity with equitable access to high-quality technical evidence is critical to our goal of reducing child mortality Nationwide.

To raise awareness of the impact of blood cancer and related blood disorders.

1). Understanding of complex issues around diagnosis, treatment and recovery.
2). Facilitating affected children to receive requisite urgent medical attention including overseas treatment on need basis.
3). Focusing on reducing the impact of blood cancer by providing free practical, emotional and peer support.
5). Improving quality of life of the patient and the family and providing post-recorvery follow up and support.
6). Educate families the need to have medical insurance especially the NHIF.
7). Work together with other health organisation on the areas to look upon in child matters.

We aim to help children with Leukaemia & congenital heart defects face it with dignity and hope.