big toes little toes community

big toes little toes is a registered Charitable Incorporated Org...anisation (CIO) (Registration No: 1152716) based in the UK offering delivery, training, mentoring and resources for evidence-based Reflective Functioning, attachment and play interventions for families. Known as Reflective Play programmes we offer "baby bonding", "toddler bonding", "heart-to-heart" and Parent-Child Attachment Play ("You and Me Time"). Our training is fully accredited by the CPD Standards Office in the UK (awarding body of the Institute of Continuing Professional Development) and can be used for professional registration requirements across a range of disciplines.

This community group has been set up to provide support, lovely creative resources, discussion and laughter to support practitioners trained in and interested in these programmes. It is a closed group for trained and licensed practitioners only. Membership is by invitation or application. New applications will need approval by Admin - please check your "other" folder for notifications. Members can post freely and Admin reserves the right to remove any inappropriate posts. Please keep strict confidentiality protocols if discussing issues around babies, children and families. Absolutely no personal or identifying details or photographs. Thank you!

big toes little toes has over 25 years' experience in proven relational interventions and research. Our training in the UK and abroad funds and supports baby bonding outreach and capacity-building projects around the globe. We are very proud to support life-changing work in Thailand, Kenya, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Ireland and South Africa.

We are very passionate about helping families be the best they can be and hope that everyone in our community enjoys being part of something that is growing around the globe!