The Kelly File Fans

Welcome to The Kelly File Fans page! We all love Megyn Kelly and her hot show on FOX NEWS and support her 100%!

Her show is busting at the seams with great ratings and is it even surprising with her?
She is one of a kind and most feel that if we could transfer her genes into many others in the main stream media, reporting across the board will finally be credible. But we have her and to us she is a bright light in troubled times.

For those that mistake this page as being Megyn Kelly. You obviously do not know the real Megyn Kelly! She would never set up or have a fan site about her show or herself!
She does not have a ounce of narcissism in her blood!

Ok here comes the awful controlling RULES OF THIS PAGE!!

Please do not post subjects, statements, links or pictures not related to the show, segments
of the show or realted to or of Megyn Kelly

If you do it will be deleted, next time you will be deleted.

Every day I have to delete many posts that are not directly related to the show or of Megyn. PLEASE do not use foul language. A point can be made without them!

If you do, the comment will be deleted. Next time you will be deleted from the page.

If you have views you want to express and make a post, please center them around the show and segments. Another words, if you are fired up about the ISIS issue, dont post another site's link, just make comments around what Megyn covers and the guests.

If you are fired up to make a difference, then Great!!!!.....just do not post links to sites promoting causes, seminars, candidates, volunteering efforts, duck hunting techniques or tips on dating advice!!

Please do not post that you are looking for a certain makeup to trade! (Yes this has happened)

No sunglasses advertisements!!!

No links to CNN, MSNBC, ABC or CBS or I will WYB! Yes, this has happened numerous times.....oh I mean posting links not Whipping Butts!

If everything would be allowed, little about Megyn or the show would be seen as the overwhelming content would be directly non related to The Kelly File!

I occasionally have to use my best judgement and ban comments or a person for behavior or content of language that is out of line such as wanting to do physical harm to the POTUS or bullying another member or attacking others in a demeaning manner.

Thanks everyone for your understanding and helping keep this page focused mainly on the show and Megyn!

Jeff Caddell - Administrator, Moderator and circus handler at times!