The Great Embrace

This Group is opened to have you share and exchange with the wor...ld more news and information on

- to the Waves of Collective Unified intention held on the 11-11-11 and the 21-12-11 through the Great Embrace Intention and events

- photos, experiences and stories of your ceremony, your meditation, your participation and journey with the Great Embrace and the indigenous wisdom keepers as they hold ceremony on these days also.

- unity consciousness, the 100th monkey, earth magnetics, Consciousness grids, solar rays, shifts in the paradigm, ancient wisdom teachings, other networks that promote, steer and facilitate the being of change, the amplification of the Shift.

Share and invite all those you know will benefit from participation in the Great Embrace global meditations and ceremonies held all across the Earth.

Add your friends. take them to or join the Para Pachamama Awakening Group: