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This involves reaching out to our community and helping as many people as possible exceed their fears and peruse their dreams.

Lets all conquer whatever goals we have set for this year. This is a way of motivation, conquering anxiety and taking action in your life.

1. NO Promotions of any kind! (blog links, site links, etc)
2. NO "review my site/lander" requests (be specific w/questions)
3. NO Trash Talking! (No posts, Programs...nothing)
4. NO Pea-cocking! (keep your ego in check please)
5. NO PM Spamming other members
6. NO Antagonists or "Haters" allowed
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8: NO Tagging Business Owners for Support!
9: NO Video Posts

This group stays valuable because we provide massive value without hesitation, and keep it clean from any spam. No one has authorisation to re-sell what is shared here. This stuff is for YOU, to help YOU and your clients business, but not for you to "resell" or "claim to be your own".

With that being said, we want to share what we and our team are doing in our successful online businesses, in hopes that it helps you in the process!

All Success,

- John Gibb, Mo Miah & Co