You are feeling lonely, and alone, and would like to meet another gay Ugandan?

Doesn't matter; for companionship, talk, love, etc

This is the place for you.

Look up those who have left ads. Leave a note, or pick up an address/phone number

Its up to you.

Remember the rules of Internet Connections.

Be discrete.

Do not lpost porn here. if posted I will delete the post. Ok?

What you do is totally up to you. Meaning, you cant blame me for anything. I think you are an adult, and mature, so go ahead...!

There are no guarantees

That all clear? Then Welcome to Gay Uganda Connections.

And Have Fun!

But Wait a Second. Check out the Next Post, so that you see what I mean, and then, of course, you can go ahead and write an ad just below...! All the best