Taree_BSS_ Animals only..

Buy / Sell / Giveaway and on the rare occasion swapping for ANIMALS ONLY...

1/ list your add on wall, include location, price and all relevant information for the animal involved..
first to comment "sold"/"interested"/"ill take it" gets the First option to purchase/negotiate with Seller, plain and simple..

2/ Don't back-door sell or you will be removed.

3/ Don't interfere/take over with other members sales.

4/ No Hi Jacking peoples posts, it's very rude.

All Companion Animals are required to be micro-chipped before sale or giving away in compliance with the states laws.. also we would prefer all kittens and puppies to be at least 8 weeks of age before selling them, this giving them the best chance of being a wonderful companion for their new owners..

if reptiles, amphibians and specific breeds of birds are sold, make sure you have the required licensing before exchange happens, thank-you.

"Admins take no responsibility for transactions on this page. You buy and sell at your own risk."

"By joining this page you agree to and are bound by the Page Rules."