Amsterdam Family sell/buy/donate/swap

Welcome to Amsterdam Family sell/buy/donate/swap
Please read our kind guidelines before posting!

All the adds that are not within the rules can be deleted without notice. When the admins find that a member is breaking the rules over and over again they give a warning. We work with a 3 warnings and your out system.
But mostly enjoy and have fun!

Just some simple rules:
1) Adds with photo,s can only hold 1 photo, more detail photo's can be place in the comment under the add.

2) No more then 3 lose items/pictures a day.

3) When you want to post more items a day create an album, see 'add photo' and then 'create album’ instrucion photo clik here :
(this is not possible on the faceboop phone apps sorry)

4) No double adds

5) You can bump/up albums 2x a day and individual pictures 1x a day
bump/up albums by posting a comment under your add. it wil be placed on top of the page again to keep it under the attention of buyers.

5)Buyers show intrest by commenting under your add, the first to comment has the first right to buy, when he/she skips the 2nd then 3rd etc.

6)Did you sell your item Please delete the post/photo! or comment sold under your add so the moderators can remove it

7)This group is not meant for selling furr, animals, advertisement, links to other groups without permission of the admins etc

8)Selling hobby/handmade items, creative services etc is allowed also for material costs only or to trade. please use the rules by making albums etc

9)Small buisnesses are welcome as well, if you have a buisness add please contact one of the moderetors before posting so we can go over the rules for buisnesses.

10)If you make an appointment make sure you go or cancel in time, if you sell an object be honest about the condition of it

11) You can post your items in other groups at the same time, but please mention it in your post here so buyers wont be surprised if they find out the item is sold/reserved already

12)Respect and kindness are verry importend in this group, By members ass wel as admins. We are open for comments and believe in never ending improvement.
Just PM one of the admins if you have questions or complaint and we will work on it.

This is a group for all the mama's and papa's from amsterdam. (amstelveen, zaandam, purmerend, etc are also welcome!)
We will give enyone a chance in our group, but because there are so many spammers on facebook, we only accept members who have a clear profile that shows they come from amsterdam or suroundings. Spammers will be deleted without warning!

When you have a sealed profile Personal messages fron non friend go to you other box this is how you can vind it on your PC: and here is how you can find it on you mobile:

Happy selling, buying, donating and swapping!