Great news Team Grenada all posted personal best with two National Records, first and second places in their heats. The fourth and final day of the FINA World Swim Championship in DOHA , Team Grenada finished in fine style today.
Our swimmers posted personal best again!. Oreoluwa Cherebin in the 50m freestyle, her Seed time was 28.16, with a new time of 27.05. Corey Ollivierre 50m breaststroke with a Seed time of 31.60, replaced with a new time 29.76. Andrew Hopkin 50m breaststroke Seed time 33.26 replaced with a New time of 31.76.
Oreoluwa placed first in her heats, Corey and and Andrew placed second in their heats.
National Records were posted by both Oreoluwa Cherebin and Corey Ollivierre.
Oreoluwa's posted a New time of 27.05 beating her Narional Record, Corey's beat the old record set by Martin Renwick with new National Record of 29.76,
We thanks God for His protection and the outstanding performancse of our swimmers. Thanks also to our coaches here and in Doha and a great big hug and kisses to aunty Bev Nelson, who is there with them leading and guiding and sending instant updates with photos.