(y) ~Welcome to the group 'ZAMBIAN TALK AND LIFE'~
This group was formed to
provide a friendly platform for
everyone above 16years to
share there love stories,
experience, views about love life.
Also for anyone to share there
problems and ask for advice
from the group members. To
achieve the said in a way that is
caring for each others feelings
and also maintain the rules in the
group, the following rules
must be observed;
1. Do not post obscene material
2. Do not use abusive language
3. Do not post adverts of any
4. Respect everyone regardless
of their age
5. Do not preach in this forum
6. Do not post anything that is
not related to relationships
7. Answer any question related
to your post
8. Use proper English language. not insult not post bad photos in the group
Please note that violation of the
above rules is a serious offense
which might lead to suspension
or expulsion from the group.
Three warnings shall be given.
The rules shall be updated