Royal Arsenal Swap and Trade

Welcome to Swap & Trade a group set up specifically for Royal Arsenal residents, ex-residents, RA landlords and businesses linked to RA to sell, swap, trade, recycle, freecycle, upcycle new/used items or post business recommendations/opportunities.

I am not a 'rules person' but due to the expansion of the group have decided to set up a few guidelines, as follows...

1) Members can only be added to the group if they confirm their address otherwise their request will be ignored, so please check your 'other messages' folder.

2) Members can now also be ex-RA residents who previously belonged to Swap & Trade and lives in the borough of Greenwich, RA landlords and businesses linked to RA. This type of membership means that you will have to meet on the RA to sell/swap goods etc.

3)Inappropriate/spam comments, post etc will be removed and harassment/bullying will lead to you being removed from the group.

4) If anyone does not follow through with a sale/swap etc please report to Admin. I will then contact this person and follow their activity on Swap & Trade and if they continue to be problematic they will be removed/banned from the group.

Oh and this is not a rule as such but enjoy yourselves, meet your neighbours, spread the word and encourage new members.


Happy Swap & Trading....:)