For Sale or swap in the Algarve

For sale or swap in the Algarve

1. Please include wheneve...r possible a photo of the actual item for sale, not one from a catologue or other sourse.2. Please include prices in all posts.3. Only post genuine items, if there are any faults/ damage to the item please specify this in the post so people are aware.4. Only post that are selling or wanting items will be allowed. Any ...others will be removed, example, jobs, businesses, people, chat etc.
5. No animals please. I know there are many stray animals needing homes but there are charities and other outlets to help.6. Only 'bump' or comment on your post 7 days (at least) after the last bump or comment, allowing other posts to be viewed.7. No bad/ negative comments from people about items/ people/ prices etc. They will be removed.8. Once an item has been sold been state 'sold' and admin will remove, or remove it yourself.9. Please do not give personal information such as telephone numbers, address, etc on the site, please message the person directly.10. Continuous rule breaking will result in members being removed.See more