River Island Christmas Night Out 2010

Hello everyone!

Okay so theres been some confusion to who is planning the christmas night out,
so i thought i'd go that one step further and create a group so its starting to get planning!

So as far as i was aware the night we planned was Saturday 18th December, (1 week after payday)
however i have been told this isn't the night everyone agreed?
So hence why i created a group rather than an event!

A few places to go we're thrown in there, for example Birdcage, so Sam e-mailed them and they are charging £10 a head to pre-book.
Very expensive for most people, so if you have any ideas or maybe you have connections?
Everyones really up for it, so lets get it planned so we arn't leaving a week before and no-one will have any money! :)

Trying to avoid Tiger Tiger as we went their last year, even though it was good alot of people have said they want to go somewhere new,
Ritz, Deansgate Locks have been mentioned.
If people would let us all know what you feel like and we can agree on a date/place and sort it out :)

Thank You all in advance! :) x

P.S If i have missed anyone out on the invite, i do apologise (If people could add people i may not have! Thanks! :))