Golf Croquet in Egypt 2

The group is for all Golf Croquet players.You can review the croquet news ( World wide & Local ) only at our group.

1-The group is for the Croquet news ( World Cups news,Ranking news ,The tournaments under the supervision of the ECF, Summer tournaments news ,Players news.

2-The group admin has the right to remove any post on the group wall without informing the member if this post is against the group rules & procedures .

3-The group is separate from any other groups about the Croquet.


ECF Board Members:
-Mr.Amir Ramsis Naguib (Chairman)
-Mr.Mohamed Adel Rabiaa (Chairman Ass.)

1-Ismail El Lahitaa ( Member )
2-Mohamed Hassan ( Member)
3- Rafiaa Abbas ( Member))
4-Gamal Hazem ( Member)

Tournaments Committee:

1-Mohamed Enan
2-Mohamed Hassan

Referees Committee:

1-Saber Khalil
2-Mrs. Rafiaa Abaas