Items for sale Murcia Spain

If you have items for sale, advertise them here, its free. But only post either Items for sale or wanted posts (I WILL ALLOW SITUATIONS VACANT), I do not allow businesses to sell new items or commercial adverts, spamming, links to other websites for new merchandise, we now have a ZERO tolerance policy and offenders will be removed by admin.


Items considered Illegal & pirated or at all dodgy looking are not permitted to be posted on this group and posts along with their sellers will be removed from the group without notice... Furthermore group admin cannot be held responsible for transactions between buyers and sellers and are not responsible, or liable for the opinions of the members of this site however we reserve the right to remove any comments that we deem inappropriate<

1. "Posting" please try to post all your items into one album (include searchable tag words in a comment - this it will make it much easier to locate your posts for editing later).
Don't forget to input all the info such as price, description, location, (tel number etcl).

2. " Bumping". Please only bump a post once every 24 hours for each item, and it is advised not to bump ALL your items at the same time.
(you can bump your post by commenting under your photo saying "price reduced" or still for sale" etc..) HOWEVER If you re-post or bump more that every 48 hours your post will be removed.

3. Any posts or comments that have no business on this page will be removed, i.e. promoting businesses other sites or events, family announcements, jokes,heated debates, commercial advertising..... (The only commercial advertising allowed is the Charity sponsored advertising allowed by admin).
Equally - swearing, rude, bullying or offensive comments will be removed as will the author..
ABSOLUTELY NO AUCTIONS unless made clear at the start that it is an auction, anyone who offers more once a deal has been struck to Hijack a sale will be removed.

4. Charities ARE allowed to post strictly once a week to promote either their business or event..But clear with admin first.

5. Please remove posts which have been sold do not just post (NOW SOLD).

6. Please avoid hi-jacking other peoples selling posts, only comment if you have a question because you are interested in buying the item.

7. No animal sales or giveaways whatsoever, there are loads of sites that deal with this.

8. Anyone who makes themselves anonymous to admin will be removed permanently.

NEW MEMBERS- VERY IMPORTANT: If you get annoyed at the constant emails this group is sending to your email inbox, please view the edit settings button at the top right hand corner of the screen (under the blue bar with Home, Profile etc), click on this and edit the settings according to your preference.