Brownsville Kids,women Clothes&Items Market

Hey everyone!!! This group is for Brownsville Area Facebookers to post anything baby or kid related that is for sale, trade or even free! Items such as clothes, toys, board games, video games, shoes, linens, books, DVD's, bikes, trikes, beds, maternity wear, car seats, bassinets, strollers, highchairs, playpens, walkers, swings, rockers, change tables, etc. Also, feel free to post that you are searching for something in particular related to babies or kids too!

Here is how it works:

-Post your items for sale, don't forget a good picture!!!
****To those of you selling large amounts of clothing or groups of toys, etc., I highly suggest you make a photo album for all of your stuff. From your computer, you click "Add Photo" and then "Create Photo Album" ****

-If there is an item you are interested in, comment on the post or private message that member for more information.

-It's up to you two to decide how/where to meet to complete the transaction.

-Once your items is sold, please write SOLD in the comments so the other members know it is no longer available. I usually delete everything that has SOLD on it if it's been there for a couple days. No need to delete it right away. Some people like to wait until the item is actually gone... just in case :) Once your item is sold & out of hand, PLEASE DELETE IT from the page, as sold items clutter the page.

Simply swipe (from right to left) your finger across the post that you'd like to delete & a red button appears on the right that says REMOVE! Sometimes it does take a few swipes to make it appear. Try it!!!!


All of us having been having problems receiving personal messages...
Here is the solution!

On your computer, on the left side, directly under News Feed, click MESSAGES when you do, directly under that OTHER will appear.
Click that!!! You will be amazed to find all sorts of messages that you had no idea were sent to you!!!

SEARCHING FOR AN ITEM: The easiest way to search for an item is by going to the top of this page. The top center, in blue, says "Members, Photots & Docs". Hit photos to see all of the items.

Also, if you are searching for something in particular, if you go to the top right of this page, there is a box that says "Search This Group", you can type what you are looking for in there!
*** Those options are only if you are on your computer (not phone) ***

Please feel free to add your friends by using the ADD FRIENDS TO GROUP button on the right of this page!!!!!

You may have been added by a friend & do not want to be part of this page. Please feel click the LEAVE GROUP button & you will be taken off :)

Friendly Reminder: Let's keep this page for only Baby & Kid (maternity/nursing) items for sale! If you have anything else, there are a couple other pages that are for all items for sale! Thanks :)

A few things to add:

1) If you are posting something for sale, please make sure that you are selling it in good working condition (unless otherwise stated). If you are advertising a home business, you must provide the service promised. If you fail to do these things you are at risk of being deleted from this group. I have the right to delete anything I feel is not relevant or anyone that i feel is not conducting "business" appropriately.

2) Please have courtesy for the seller of an item. If you do not agree with their price they have listed & feel the need to let an interested buyer know that they can find it cheaper elsewhere, notify them through a private message.

3) Please be on time when arranging a meeting spot. Many people have told me that they have waited & the other party either does not show or may be extremely late, without any head up. If meeting in a public place, I always get the other's cell number & color/make of vehicle. Be considerate... almost all of us have kids in the car or need to go be picked up from school or are on a work lunch break, etc.

4) If you are a mommy with handmade items, you are welcome to post! Business advertising is not permitted here though :) Sorry!

5) Please refrain from "bumping" your items all day, every day!!!
And.... "BUMP" means to bump your item to the top of the page, to remind everyone that it is still for sale.

5) I appreciate all of you keeping the peace! If you have a "problem" with someone, please let me know. No more drama on this page :) I can be the mediator, if need be. There have been several people that private message me, and I don't mind that. This should always be a fun & happy page!!!

I am going to add all of this (as always) into the "INFO" section on this page. If you ever have a question or forget something, check in the info section out!!!

Please do NOT use this page for:

Personal attacks
Offensive content
Aggressive behavior
Illegal activities
The material you post on this page may not be illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, or abuse intellectual property rights.

The group "Brownsville Kids,Women Clothes & Items Market" and/or its administrators will not be responsible for any transactions.

Thanks everyone & have fun!