East Bay Families Sell & Swap

A place to sell, buy, and trade.
ALL items being sold must have ACTUAL photo along with condition, location and price information. Posts missing ANY of these will be deleted. Conditions are as follows:
EUC=excellent used condition
GUC=good used condition
NWT=new with tags
NWOT=new without tags
NIP=new in package
-Other abbreviations-
PPU=pending pickup
PM=private messege
TIA=thanks in advance
ISO=in search of
BUMP or *=bring up my post (instead of reposting this allows your post to be the most current. DO NOT REPOST SAME
*If an item is damaged or has a slight imperfection, description of it must be included in post.*
1st person to comment "interested" on an item gets priority. Asking a question about an item DOES NOT qualify as interested, so make sure to comment "interested" if you want the item. Once seller responds, the buyer has 5 hours to respond back with a pickup time. If buyer hasn't contacted seller back within 5 hours, then the seller can offer item to the next person interested. Please allow 24 hour pickup from time of communication with potential buyer. No quick pickups are allowed. If QPU is included in your post, IT WILL GET DELETED.
Buyer is required to pickup at sellers home unless both seller and buyer agree meeting somewhere else. Please do not ask the buyer to come meet you. It's a waste of time and gas. If you really want the item please have a way to pickup. Also do not hold up a sale if you know you can't pickup. If you're running late or need a little more time, then please notify the seller. We're human beings. We understand life can get busy and things come up.
-Free items
-Formula and baby food is allowed. Just not WiC items. (Please do not harass members posting baby foods or formula. Tag me instead.)
-Pets w/ rehoming fees or free
-Cross posting. Just please include it in your post.
-No OBO's. Sellers, please list asking price. If nobody is interested you can repost with a reduced amount. If post has OBO, IT WILL BE DELETED.
-quick pickups.
-advertising of any other groups.
-advertising of personal business such as "homemade" items,
-advertising of personal business such as Avon, Mary Kay, Ace...etc
-Alcohol and Tobacco. (this includes vape pens and e-cigs)
-expired goods. This includes food, baby gear etc.
-offering a lower amount on post. Please respect sellers prices. This is a place to buy and sell items at a great deal, not a flea market.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact Admin Violet Harnietta or Mellosa McFarlane. Please let Admin know of any members who have been no shows, keep extending pick up times/days, and any other issues you have had with another member from this group.
Flakiness will not be tolerated. (3) overall complaints, and you're out of the group. Failure to continue to follow the rules will result in removal from the group.
Happy shopping! -ADMIN