Natchitoches Info Exchange

This group is for residents and visitors to Natchitoches City an...d Parish. This is a place to ask and answer questions related to living in Natchitoches and surrounds. It is open to those people with a connection or interest in this area.

A second purpose for this group is to provide a place to report and read about Eye Witness News that is current or as it is happening. Members are encouraged to report on what they see or know regarding news of interest as it happens. Subjects might be weather, crime, accidents, fire or other emergencies, news worthy happenings in government, politics, education, entertainment or personalities, among others. Report facts. Do not libel or slander. Unsupported rumors should be avoided but verified information may be. Opinions may be expressed if identified as opinion vs. fact. Avoid reporting "old news". The idea is to provide a source for obtaining current information that is not now being provided timely, if at all, by existing news sources.

Suggestions for improving the group are invited and welcomed.