Icon Group Team Members

The Icon Group Team Members Facebook Group is a place where the ...Icon Group community can network in a safe and respectful environment.
We encourage interaction, discussion, commentary, questions and feedback as part of our open conversation - but we expect all contributors to keep comments and posts relevant and respectful.
Icon Group may remove any post or ban any user who violates these simple guidelines. In particular personal attacks, inappropriate language, racism, spamming and excessive posting will not be tolerated.
Members must not :
1. Post anything that could be considered defamatory, prejudicial, racist, inflammatory, repetitive, vexatious, offensive or otherwise inappropriate.
2. Swear, use foul language or profanity.
3. Harass or make personal attacks against other members. Please be respectful of the opinions of others.
4. Disclose any personal or sensitive information about others on this page. Divulging any information considered personal or private can cause unnecessary hurt and distress.
Icon Group reserves the right to remove posts advertising commercial products, as well as those that breaches our social media policy or violates Facebook's terms of service, or are inaccurate or otherwise objectionable.