You know your from Campbellsport WHEN...

You are from, were from, or just plain love Campbellsport WI. This is the 40 year old version. Every decade probably has their revised version. Please feel free to post your version here as well.

You are from, were from, or just plain love Campbellsport, Wisconsin!

You know what Heine’s is.

You have the best fireworks, parade and Picnic in WI.

You've partied in a corn field, hay field, gravel pit or abandoned house.

You watch the bowling scores in the paper.

You have a deer camp.

You have had a conversation about deer hunting even if you do not hunt.

You keep your keys in your car when you park it on any street.

You don't stop at the Alleys when you pass through town, you go there daily.

You've worked at Stella, Tom’s or Reliable knitting.

You were a Heine stock boy.

You live in the only Campbellsport in the world and you still need to explain to people where it is.

You hate the Vikings and Bears and will always support the Packers no matter how many rebuilding years they need.

When you go to the Alleys you know that means to drink.

All your friends are referred to by their last names or nick names.

You are proud to be a Cougar.

You hate Kewaskum with a passion.

You know every bartender in town by their first name.

If someone tells you to pick up a few beers you buy a case for every two people that will be hanging out.

You know the names of everyone in your high school and where half of them live.

You refer to half of your high school teachers by nick names.

You know the best burgers in town are from the Alleys.

You have been to the Boar’s Nest or the Dutch Mill.

A hard night of drinking includes drinking at least a six pack on the way to the bar.

Your high school reunion is at the Amber Hotel or Northwinds.

You have at least two underage drinking violations, one of which was at St Peter.

You knew where to go if you were underage.

You've never paid more than $2.75 for a Beer.

You go to fish fries on every Friday night.

You still refer to the east side of town as "down by the dam"

You refer to the west side of town as up by the park.

You took your prom date to the Amber Hotel.

Your favorite party spot is a dead end or a farm field.

You are somehow related to everyone in town by some distant relatives.

You thought Fond du Lac was a large city for most of your childhood.

The closest you came to a disco/dance club was Windjammer or Voyager.

You ate lunch at the gas station or Junger’s in high school.

You got excited about the new Pig.

Every wedding you go to is at the Amerahn or the Knights of Columbus.

You thought Campbellsport was becoming a big city when the new bank opened.

You read the Campbellsport News every week.

You now watch for your name in the “remember when" column.

You found it hard to learn to drive in Fond du Lac because of four lanes and stop lights .

You know all the cops by name.

If you're really bored, you drive up and down main street.

You brag about the wrestling teams of past.

You know who Sarge is.

More people watch the marching band than the football team at games.

You bought your phy ed uniform at Hensen’s.

You know the fastest way out of town on the 4th of July.

You could spend an hour as a kid in the dime store.

You bought a 45 there. Not a gun or beer.

You may have spent an hour at the laundromat and not done any laundry.

You've ever demolished a car and blamed it on a deer.

You've ever demolished a car doing something stupid.

You've driven a tractor to town.

You’ve partied with Bob Guelig.

You long for parties at Diggers. Either one.

You know that on the first weekend in May every guy goes fishing and every woman goes to visit garage sales.

You ever rode on a school bus which may have been pulled over for speeding, hit trees, hit mailboxes, and was driven by a man who you thought had a peg-leg.

No one would ever steal your car because a third of the town would know its rightful owner.

You knew that besides the bars and gas stations, the entire town shuts down at 5 pm.

You ever went to Fondy to go to Gillies because you were bored.

You’ve ever cheated off your neighbor in O’Brien’s English Class .

You were a little afraid of Helen Pelischek before you took her class.

You know the words to the CHS fight song.

You know that Elmore, Ashford, and Eden are suburbs of Campbellsport.

You don't associate "hanging out at Woody’s or with Woody" as a bad thing.

If you have ever worked at Crazy Daze.

If you ever got a technical for something silly in basketball.

If you were ever brave enough to swim/wade in the mill pond.

Hopefully you knew someone with a pool.

You went swimming at the Fond du Lac pool.

50% of your high school teachers also taught your parents, and called you by their names more than once.

You have gotten lost on your way home from the 4th of July.

You've partied with a guy named Ozzy, Nutty or anything ending in y.

If you have run from the DNR instead of the cops.

You have run from the cops in some farm field, may have lost a shoe in the mud, or a friend.

You have said something dumb to a police officer.

You've been pulled over by Dave Ours.

You know the areas in town that the cops do not usually go to.

You remember where Meyer Ford and Schill’s used to be.

When visiting relatives, you had to bring cheese curds, brats, or venison sticks.

You go to gas station, not because you need anything, but because it's the only place open after 10 pm.

You have heard of Snapperfest.

You have hung out with the Marblehead Fire department.

You have milked or tipped a cow.

You have bailed hay or picked stones.

You attend every area picnic, Eden, Boltonville … and see all of your friends.

You learned accordion from Shirley Campagna.

You had your floors done by Twohigs.

You got a crack from a Krebs.

You partied at the ski hill.

You thought you were special because you went to St. Matts.

You thought you were special because you did not go to St. Matts.

You were part of the CYO.

Your entry into drama was the CYO play.

You have TP’d a house, either after CYO play or homecoming.

You got the flu at confirmation.

You went to the bar as a child and bought a candy bar/potato chips.

You got a hair cut from Sheila, Charlie or Don.

You have witnessed or participated in a waterfight, tractor pull.

You have seen the biggest brat and talked about it with friends.

You ate a brat for a good cause.

You have played softball at the Fireman’s park.

You have played volleyball at Allies.

You have definitely been bowling in your lifetime.

Hopefully you have golfed at some point.

You should have been fishing or snowmobiling both on the mill pond.

Claim to fame is Jimmy Gantner.

You have been tipsy at a garage sale.

You lined your van in plastic and piled in all your friends to go to a party.

The bus ride to school was ½ hour to an hour.

You have run into an old teacher at the bar.

You have run into a bar with an old teacher.

You have talked about the Extreme Makeover, maybe took part, wanted to be on TV.

Your parents have their”people” they hang around with.

You have your people you hang around with.

All of our peoples come together at the Alleys.

You have been to a bonfire probably w Bob Guelig.

You have been to a party where Schmudley was the DJ.

You bought Avon from Lila.

You bought soda from Bupps Reese.

You bought hardware at Coast to Coast.

You bought lumber at CBS

You bought glasses at Schlaefer’s.

You bought a bike, shoes, bb gun or fun stuff from
Woody’s True Value.

You buy everything else from Chris Shannon.

You know who cut down the tree.

You have been off-road driving, probably with Eric Falk.

You are a fan of Udi Subudi/Pulltops/Vaud Villian/Villian or anything w John and Mark.

You should be a Badger fan, you like Marquette too.

You remember hanging out at Rich’s Pizza.

You made a collect call from the telephone there.

Your car had a first name.

You hung out at Mauthe, Crooked or Long Lake.

Your family had a station wagon in the 70’s, possibly green or paneled.

You had too many screwdrivers at Robby’s.

You got your bike fixed by Kenny Schwartz.

You remember JT’s pizza.

You know the “walkers” in town and always say hi to them.

You have taken a bus ride to a concert, wedding, Brewer Game … had too much fun, may have lost someone.

You have had great friends and that is why you keep
going back.