Guinea Pig Perfection -

Guinea Pig Perfection is by INVITE ONLY. Due to the number of spammers, you will need to get a friend to contact myself to add you, sorry for any inconvenience, but I do not have the time to check profiles and send private messages that are often not noticed or ignored

Could all new members please do a quick introduction, Your registered Prefix if you have one ? If you have a page then feel free to link it in your reply.
Check out the files and photos - always something interesting being added by the members and Admin

Please take the time to read the *about * this group, thanks

Please remember we are all here because we share a love of guinea pigs, and not necessarily each other, even so, we must be polite.
Any posts deemed to be Off Topic will be deleted and posts that are of a bullying tone will result in a Ban.

The reason we have joined as a group is to try and offer advice on health, diet and the care of guinea pigs, be they Pet or Pedigree
We are also offering advice on Potential Show cavies, babies that may have show potential.

Should we buy this one or not ? Please do not mention Prefixes as this could cause embarrassment

Please make an Album if adding more than one photo.

BE WARNED - if you take offence easily this may not be the group for you, - Honesty is our policy.

Please do not OVERUSE the word PIGGIE, this is a group mainly about entering into the world of Show Cavies.

NO For Sales or Requests on the group, you may do so via inbox if need be
and yet another request

Could we keep text talk to a Minimum please, some members do not speak English as their first Language ,and it makes for a confusing read.

We are a group of People (Registered Breeders/Rescue and Pet Owners ) who are fed up with the attitude of Guinea Pigs having No Value and the Abuse they receive from lack of feeding and over breeding, not a care where they are sold or to whom - and so the cycle continues

The guinea pig bible - a link to the Australian standard book for showing cavies