Army Security Agency

Should you desire membership in this group, you must provide the dates you were in the Army Security Agency, your military occupational specialty (MOS(s), and duty assignments on your Facebook page. If such information is not provided, the Administrator for the group will send you a Facebook message (probably in your "other" folder) requesting that information.. You will not be admitted to the group until such information can be verified.

By a majority consensus of the members political and religious posts will no longer be accepted within this group. This is a difficult position I take because I am an proponent of freedom of speech and religion. To satisfy our need to express our political debate of the ASA Group I have created the ASA Political Discussion Group This group is for all ASA Facebook Group members, however, all Facebook rules and regulations must be met.

Membership in this group is controlled, therefore, before acceptance, each applicants Facebook personal messaging must be enabled to allow verification of MOS, training location, and assignments.

Any member can add members, but an Administrator must approve them.