Hot Mama Topics

Hey there Mama's!
Here's a place for us to chat and get to know one another a little bit better. This forum is a great place for us Mamas to connect further through asking questions, discussing ideas, sharing info, and chatting about anything else that may come up along the way. This is a FOR FUN group designed for Moms to support other Moms, and to continue to build a community of support for Moms in our local area. We should all be respectful of one another at all times. Part of respecting eachother can be understanding that we all come from different beliefs, backgrounds, types of personalities etc. I do not have the time to read every comment, and as we are all adults here I have found it the best practice that each Mama represents themselves as they see fit. I do not believe in censoring, or telling people how to behave.
This IS a "HOT TOPICS" board, from time to time HOT TOPICS may come up that people feel passionately about. I suggest that if you do not want to here peoples opinions not to mention it here, and if you don't like other peoples posts to continue scrolling...
Please keep in mind as "Admin" my main job is to approve members. I cannot be responsible for what other Mamas say or Post as I cannot read every post. If you block me, you will be deleted as I need to at least be aware of whats going on. You don't have to like me to be a part of the group, nor do I have to like you-I have my own facebook page for my friends.
Your Mother doesn't Admin here, so clean up after yourself"

A few notes worth mentioniong:

***Sales/Free Items- THIS IS NOT A SALES BOARD, any item found being listed "for sale" will be deleted without warning by the admin. FREE items to offer to other Mamas are more then welcome :)

***Fundraising- Regular fundraising is not allowed on the board. We all have children that will be selling cookies, pies, etc. and it would be too easy for the board to become overun by fundraising. Special fundraising events (Ex: Spaghetti dinner for a sick family member) MUST be approved by admin before posting on the board

***Donations/Help Needed- Unfotunately as this has been a topic that has only stirred up problems in the past and left members feeling taken advantage of- if you are in need of help you may ask for contacts of organizations that are set up to handle such needs. If a mama decides to contact you PRIVATELY to offer you any personal assistance that is her own choice. Donations may not be solicited from members of the board. (Ex: Allowed- Can somebody please let me know what options are available for me to find food for my family?
Not Allowed- I am looking for donations of food to feed my family)

***Advertising- Advertising is only allowed in 2 ways.
1) A family specific event to make other mamas aware- Ex: A community appreciation day for families to participate in free activities
2) Your personal business/hobby may be advertised if it is owned by you a member of this board. Ex: Mamas that sell products such as Arbonne, It Works Wraps, Tupperware etc. Also moms that offer their own photog, cake decorating, etc business. This is allowed as a perk of being a member of the board to help mamas support themselves and their families (as well as pursuing their own passions) As we do not want to turn this into an advertisment board promotional posts by the owner may be posted/bumped 1 time per week. However if a mama asks the question: "Who here can do this?" feel free to answer on the post, and be respectful as others do as well.
Docs can be set up to be referenced, (for example we do have a photog list). It will be maintained and checked to verify that all members are current from time to time.

***Photo Mondays- Will be back in the fall once school starts. A topic will be announced on Sunday evening, and Mamas can post their pics on Monday. If you have a suggestion please PM the admin.

***Daily Introductions- Will also begin in the fall. We will start a doc for Mamas to sign up. A date will be assigned weekly (Mon-Fri) by the admin for each Mama to introduce themselves, and other members to ask questions to help us get to know one another. If you participated in this last spring, you will be able to participate again...