This Group is for Lawyers (Advocates and State Attorneys and those aspiring to be Advocates in Tanzania). It is a group where lawyers exchange legal knowledge on practical issues they face in administering justice in Tanzania. This group by its very nature, therefore, is not a group for solving class and or university assignments because we believe libraries, Google and Wikipedia were created for that function.

The core principles governing discussions in this forum shall be freedom of expression, professionalism and mutual respect. Members are urged to provide credible information, and restrain themselves from attacking personalities or making unreasonable assumptions in support of their arguments.

Without affecting the generality of the above, posts or comments not of a legal nature shall not be tolerated. These include:

(1) Posts or comments of advertisement nature, except those related to legal profession or legal education
(2) Posts or comments grounded solely on, or heavily influenced by party politics
(3) Posts of comments aimed at attacking the personality of any individual, whether or not a member of tis group.
(4) All such other posts or comments deemed not to be relevant to the legal profession.

Members who persistently ignore the above restrictions risk being removed from the forum. In determining whether a member has persistently breached the rules of the forum, consideration shall be taken of the previous posts of that particular member. A warning shall be issued only once.