Open WALL )
Night. 7:30 - 11:30 Pm
Morning 9:30 - 12:00 nn. group was created for having new friends, Real account users are only allowed and welcome here. Girls, boys and LGBT community are free to join, just Obey and follow the rules, so that we don't have any problem at all. just be nice and enjoy.



1. Each members are required tn participate in the group activities orelse they will remove/banned on this group.
2. Respect the ADMIN, CO-ADMIN and co-members
3. Posers and dummy accounts are not welcome, sometimes they use other faces just to gravitate those co-members. (HIHINGIAN lang kayo nila ng LOAD)
4. Bad and Harsh Words are not allowed.
5. Posting unnecessary videos and Photos are strictly prohibited.
6. Members have their rights to speak.
7. TS! FAME WHORE! SEENLORD! are not allowed
8. Bawal ang Puro Palike di naman naglalike Back.
9. Bawal mkipag Away sa ibang Group at GC.
10. advertising and other group plugging/ business tagging are not allowed.


1. Kayo dapat ang maging good example sa members at ibang admin.
2. bawal makipag away sa members.
3. bawal magsalita ng Bad words
4. dapat active at always nag uupdate sa group.
5. responsibilidad ninyong i check ang public posts sa group.
6.It's your Responsibility to delete any malicious posts like nude videos or photos. also advertisement and online networking.
7. it's your responsibility to obey the rules since you are the Admins.
8. Avoid quarreling to other admins and members.
9. Trashtalking are not allowed
10. It's your responsibility to make this group active.

Kung Gusto mo po maging ADMIN.