Tony Ernst Instinctive Horsemanship

This group is the online community for paid members of the Tony ...Ernst Instinctive Horsemanship program.

We do have a few guidelines that are important to follow to make sure this is a supportive and productive group for all of us.

1. No self promotion of your programs or services.
2.No affiliate Links. You may share a tool, program or service, that you love and use, but please no affiliate links.
3. Help each other out. Offer feedback and insight whenever possible. Remember to be kind.
4. No "Facebook Live" or uploaded videos in the group. While we love Facebook Live, we know that if multiple members of our group began to go "Live", it would overwhelm and distract our members by the sheer amount of notifications and videos. We want to focus on staying productive.
5. Have fun! Post your wins, questions, and challenges here. Support others, seek support and most of all make progress with your horse!