Isle Of Wight/Southampton trash and treasure

This is a group for Isle of Wight and Southhampton county residents (and surrounding areas) to sell or trade things they no longer use. There is a group like this for some of the other surrounding areas, and it seems to be a big succes, so much fun and you can get great deals on things like baby clothes, household goods, furniture, toys etc. You know what they say, "One man's trash is another man's treasure" Have fun!! I suggest creating your own album with pictures of things you wish to sell. It makes it easy for people to see what you have, also helpful is to delete photos once they are sold!

Basically, this is a virtual yard sale!

Also, once you become a member I HIGHLY suggest that you click on "edit settings" at the top of the group page and change your settings to only notify you about posts that you are subscribed to! this makes the site more enjoyable and takes up much less inbox space!
Good luck and have fun(: