add free or cheap items here thanks for reading Items not to be sold under any Circumstances
No fireworks
No guns firearm’s of any sort not even paint ball (will be reported to police)
no knives of any sort not even the kitchen sort
No credit or loan services
No contract mobiles
No stolen property (will be reported to police)
No drugs or medicines of any sort to be sold
No adult services
No lock picking device’s
no listing of Avon/Ann summers / photo session's /or similar party's as these are not private
bumping is only allowed if done to a max of 2 TIMES a day

Any threats of violence of fowl or abusive language will not be tolerated under any circumstance’s
please remove items that have gone or comment its sold under your pic.
No buisness's this site is for local people to buy sell and swap, if your advertising a buisness, running a buisness you can always start your own page or group instead of clogging up our page with your advertizments,