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Jalal I.Elashkar Email; tell 9613136398 sour south lebanon
شقق.فلل.محلات مستودعات ازاضي بساتين في الجنوب صور ، و كافة المناطق البنانية
كافة الخدمات العقارية ايجار و استئجار خدمات عامة Alita Real Estate Company offers you opportunities to successfully buy, rent or sell, properties in major Lebanese locations. Equiped with a wide portfolio of commercial, residential, we have lands and properties are very important for tourism project ,unvercity,hospital,hotel, some of them are near the sea shore , we put to your service our years of experience in the ownership and management of Class-A properties. We take pride in providing personal, responsive and committed service, fulfilling your business as well as personal needs. From our international relation we have global customer,we have large quantity of properties between our hands for sell, With best regard
Jalal Ismail Elashkar