Thank you for joining our group. Our group... has nothing to do with Aliens or Opera in the traditional sense. We do not judge. We respect everyone’s culture, race, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation and everything in between. Be human. Be open. Be free. There is no race here. There is no religion. There are no politics. There is no age (No one under 18). Make no threats. Be empathetic. Do not prejudge. Show love. Show respect. Alien Opera X - exists for all of us who are a little different, a little weird, a little left of center. We exist across all human families of the plant earth. The universe is our playground. Eventually we will have private parties at a location to be determined when the time is right. All are welcome to give ideas and to participate in the planning etc. etc. etc. Alien Opera X - ALIEN=DIFFERENT----OPERA=STORIES----X=UNKNOWN Language does not define us. We define language. Language is fluid.PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY- Our parties will be a little different, a little weird, a little left of center. We encourage people to wear what they want. Dust off your prom dress, bring out your costumes, wear make-up. Be creative. Be an artist. This is your world. This is our world. Be a kid again. Bring your talent. Think of our parties as a TED TALK meets comicon, meets the circus, meets the fair, meets the strip club, meets the bar, meets chuck e cheese, meets video games, meets cartoons, meets sexuality, meets the zoo, meets poetry, meets burning man. The world is filled with so much death and despair that sometimes you just want to be entertained and feel joy the same way as you felt it as a kid. Normal parties are boring. Why be boring. Just have an open mind.Feel free to post and talk about what is on your mind, what is in your heart, what you feel and what is in your soul. We do not talk about religion, politics or race. We are one. We are the many. Help us change the world. Be your true self. Be empathetic. Here we post and discuss various topics to include but not limited to Art, Science, Music, Entertainment, Technology, Philosophy, Culture, Consciousness, Meditation, Inspiration, Spirituality, Dark Comedy, Comedy, Sensuality, Psychology, Gaming. If you see something that is against the rules please report to the admin team. This can be done by clicking the arrow on the right of the post. The admins will use their discretion, as to whether or not a post should be deleted. THE MANY FACED GOD IS COMING - Lol don’t worry it has nothing to do with religion you are safe. It is for entertainment purposes. I think it may be wise to put a DISCLAIMER here. Let’s face it because everyone is not responsible. We do not advocate the use of drugs and or alcohol. We do not advocate you to rape or molest anyone. Just because someone is dressed a certain way does not mean you can touch or grab them without permission. We do not advocate anything illegal.