You know your from Browns Mills...

All about the town of Browns Mills, New Jersey!

Thank you for joining our page. Yes the creator made a grammatical error in the title, but she does know the difference between your and you're! and No... it can not be fixed. According to Facebook 'law', once a page reaches over 500 members, the title remains. We are here to share the memories, things-to-do, family and all that goes on in our town. In recent months we've had numerous distractions here taking away from why the page was originally created. Rules have now been set in place and any violators will be removed from the page without warning.


1. No spamming. Any spam posted will be immediately deleted along with the person who posted it.
2. This page was created in pure positivity. If you don't have it, you shouldn't be here. Any person that posts negative comments that are offensive to another person on this page or in general, WILL BE REMOVED. No questions asked!
3. If you are a local/current resident of Browns Mills and have a business within town, you are welcome to advertise your business on this page but not in excess. No more than once bi-weekly. Multiple posts will be deleted.
4. No cursing or lewd comments/photos
5. Agree to disagree
6. This page is not for selling your goods (furniture, tools,pets,etc.) There are local pages for that. These posts will be removed. If the individual continues to post, they will be removed and banned from the page.
7. Posts about other groups that may interest our members are permitted but on a non-regular basis. No more than once a month.
8. If there are any concerns in reference to an individual or post on this page, please contact the admin to resolve the issue. All messages are answered within a 24 hour time period.
9. No member shall have an admin blocked for any reason whatsoever. Any member with an admin blocked will be removed from the group. If you would like to return, please un-block admins and you'll be back.