JPC Lantau 大嶼山區少年警訊

歡迎瀏覽大嶼山區少年警訊 Facebook 群組。這網頁只用於少年警訊及青少年活動及訓練的資訊發放,任何帶有不雅/淫穢/人身攻擊.../誹謗成份、違反知識產權內容將可能被刪除。

1. 屬機密或敏感性質,並可能影響公眾安全或引起公眾恐慌;
2. 粗言穢語、關於暴力或性,露骨的描述;
3. 暗示或鼓勵非法活動;
4. 有敵意或意圖誹謗或欺詐任何人士或機構;
5. 進行游說或刊登廣告,以推介或支持任何商業活動;
6. 侵犯知識產權、個人資料私隱和人權,以及違反公平原則;以及
7. 觀點屬個人性質,但可能被視為代表警隊的立場。


Comments and other content posted by the users of this JPC Facebook page may be removed by the administrator if it is:
1. confidential or sensitive in nature which may compromise public safety or provoke public fear;
2. foul language, explicit violence or sexual description;
3. suggesting or encouraging illegal activity;
4. defaming or defrauding any particular person or organisation;
5. solicitation or advertisement, which includes promotion or endorsement of any commercial activites;
6. infringing upon the intellectual property rights, personal data privacy, human rights and equality; and
7. personal view in nature but may be perceived as representing the Force’s stance.

In the interest of public, the administrator may also consider to ban an individual user of posting comments in other nature on the JPC Facebook page.

(2012/11/12 增補)

電話:6508 6977 / 2988 2324
會所:3141 7472