Avon Discontinued & Overstock for UK

This is a REP/SALES LEADER - ONLY group.
You must be a current UK Avon representative/sales leader (or a recently retired rep seeking to clear remaining stock).
All items must be sold at cost price plus p&p PLUS PAYPAL FEE if using Paypal (please post your asking prices clearly).
The only items that can be sold for more than that are rare items.
If anyone wishes to sell their items at brochure price, then they should use one of the other sites.
Any mis-use of this site will not be tolerated.
Treat others as you would like to be treated.
If you block admin, you will be removed.
If you are here and you are not an avon rep, please remove yourself from the group.
Please use caution when paying for goods...ADMIN strongly suggest you use the GOODS PAYMENT method via PAYPAL to make sure both parties are protected.
Always obtain proof of postage.
Please make every effort to verify who you are buying from/what you are agreeing to.
This group cannot be help responsible for any bad transactions, but will do it's best to weed out those who are maliciously seeking to defraud.
If you ask to join this group, which clearly states what it is, and have intentions to post ANYTHING other than what this group is meant for, be warned...YOU WILL BE REMOVED AND BANNED!
We are (should all be reps), so there is no need for personal advertising.
Report any mis-use to an admin.
Please don't add friends who are not reps.
New requests to join will be checked to see if there is any reference to Avon on their page and then private messaged for confirmation of rep status before added.