We receive several requests to join this group daily. The admins try their best to make sure current members, and new ones, are indeed current UA/CO/CMI Flight Attendants. ***Members of management are not welcome, do not belong here, and are subject to immediate expulsion and being banned.***

Information shared on this page is not to be shared in other groups without the consent of the original poster or administrator. If any member recognizes names that should not be in this room, please PM the admins to advise. In addition, if posts from this group are being shared elsewhere, please PM the admins with details regarding the postings.

This group is AFA-friendly. It is here for support of AFA, a place to ask questions, get information, and to provide a safe place to vent. Any disrespectful, antagonistic, or inflammatory comments will not be tolerated, and the admins request that all members decide for themselves whether this is the right group for them.

Thank you!