Thailand Laos and Cambodia Veterans FB Group

Disclaimer: Closed US Military Veterans Group, not TLC Brotherhood group, no spammers!

Please read the RULES and have the courtesy to abide by the RULES, khrab Kuhn mahk.

The Thailand Laos and Cambodia Veterans FB Group is for the guys and gals who also served in SEA without fanfare or drawing attention. We were there, got the t-shirt, and managed to come home in one piece (more or less).

(When requesting membership in the Thailand Laos and Cambodia Veterans FB Group let our administrator ( know your Thailand affiliation (unit, base, year).

Protocol: Think before you post and more importantly stay on track with SEA experiences (within limits). Our mothers, daughters, fathers, sons and grandchildren read what we post. Therefore it is imperative that we use good internet protocol.

There will be NO discussion about Jane Fonda. It has caused too many problems in the past and we have lost members over it. If you have to say something about her, send a private message to the person.

This is not a "Good-Old-Boys" club where anything goes. It is not appropriate to post about your sex life, drug habit or abuse of alcohol while in Thailand. Your "admission of guilt" could affect our members who live in Thailand today, and your "tee-lock" of yesteryear may be somebody's grandma today and could even live down the street! Use common sense!

Lastly don't attack other members or you will suddenly find yourself removed from the group.