(GBA Emulator) Pokemon


1. Discrimination/harassment based on gender/sexuality etc. Would lead to expulsion.

2. Pictures taken with camera/phone and uploaded will be deleted.

3. Use English!

4. If an admin sees flaming/abuse etc. from members of the group can lead to the person being evicted permanently.

5. It is okay to share his stream, but do not spam. (If you have one) xD

6. All that is not related to Pokemon will not be posted to the group, it is against the rules and you may get banned.

7. Photos/post sexually explicit or offensive content will be deleted, and the person may be banned if the administrator considers it necessary.

8. This is an English group, the only requirement to join is that you should be able to understand English.

9. If you have sex with someone from this group you might get ebola or aids if you take it in the butt

The administrators reserve the right to ban / delete members or posts without warning if they see fit. Repeated harassment by one or more administrators will result in possible expulsion. We try our best to do what is best for the majority of the group.

Questions or possibly. Complaints can be sent to the PM:
Martin Stahl, Victor Stahl and Daniel Hellebust

If you see records that you think violates the rules, feel free to report them to us. This makes our job easier, thanks in advance!

By applying for membership in the group, then you agree that you have read and understood the rules and that you accept them. Violation of the rules can at worst lead to expulsion.