Zeta Phi Omega was incepted by seven Friends in Pasonanca Zamboanga City, Philippines last August 26, 1975. Danilo A. Barrios, Nelson Guerrero, Gilbert Caceras, Arthur M. Barrios, Jackie Bernardo, Josie Sta Teresa and Roger Salatandre were all in Pasonanca on that faithful day for their weekly fellowship. While shooting the afternoon zephyrs, over bytes of gulucinas, the Brother-Founder suggested that the youth of the city must be provided with wholesome venue whereby the youth of the city may express their energy, vision and enthusiasm. After a lengthy discussion, a consensus was reached with the six friends requesting a brother founder to write the constitution, rites of initiation, the hierarchy of officers, the logo, password, motto, the laws and the vows of a fraternity which they have agreed to call: ZETA PHI OMEGA. The Brother-Founder agreed on condition that his six friends will agree to be his co-founders. The constitution was written at 4:00 pm and finished some minutes after 8:00 pm. The first fellowship, the password was whispered for the first time and so was the handshake exchange for the first time. The first ZETAN of the world signed with the constitution with their blood and a few minutes later, a blood compact was held under the full of a late summer moon.