ESN Estonia: SocialErasmus Projects Autumn-Spring 2014/15, Tallinn

This group was created to discuss our plans, events, share ideas and express our feelings about SocialErasmus project in Estonia, Tallinn. Be active, be example, be proud of yourself.

SocialErasmus is a project of ESN. The main idea of the project is the vision of our network: Enrichment of society through international students!

SocialErasmus project includes actions in three levels: local, national and international. Through the fields our actions have, we are trying to promote a social attitude to exchange students all over Europe. By the interaction between students and local communities, SocialErasmus gives the opportunity to the exchange students to help local communities in several ways while at the same time they will gain experiences, knowledge, openness and last but not for least love for Europe!

Social Erasmus Events in Estonia
Past event: Free Hugs on Feb 14th
On Valentine’s Day you will have a chance to become a Huggy-Monster! Share free and warm hugs to anyone passing by and get some free hugs yourself!
Family day:
It is a project where for TWICE a month, in March and April (March - 23.03, 27.03 and April: 12.04, 17.04. From 16:30-18:00 (on the 23rd of March from 15:00-17:00), you can come together with less fortunate children living in Estonia and tell them stories about your country and culture, play games, make special ethnic dishes or teach them something you're really good at - in a word, bring something fresh and new into their lives and be a good role model to them!
All your ideas are very welcome.


WHAT: SocialErasmus Infomeeting for Tallinn students
WHERE: Tallinn University
WHO: Everyone who is interested to join SocialErasmus activities
WHY: Because it's one of the best spent time of your Erasmus