H2M2 Nation

This is the MAIN Facebook page for the Husky Huddle and Malamute Mingle groups. It also serves as the Greeting Forum to direct members to their respective state group.

Our website is: www.h2m2nation.com

MISSION STATEMENT: We are a Northern Breeds enthusiast group that meet monthly at area dog parks to allow our four legged friends to interact within a pack setting. These breeds are pack animals and love to socialize especially with their own kind. All husky, malamute and northern breeds are welcome - both purebred and mixes alike!

You can use this group to 1) Arrange play dates 2) Ask for advice from other Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute and Northern Breed owners 3) Share information on lost/found pets 4) Help in re homing/rescue of these magnificent breeds.

CLARIFICATION: This group is NOT to be used for the studding of dogs, breeder referrals, or the sale of puppies.

• Posting photos of puppy litters is now prohibited entirely within the groups. You may only post pictures of one or more puppies if the intent is to raise and care for all pictured puppies yourself. The posting of litters of pups have resulted in what we call “passive selling.”

To clarify, we are not anti-breeder. We just choose to exclusively feature rescues and dogs in need with zero competition from pups. We would rather focus on breed education and awareness in support of the retention of the forever home.

As long as you maintain the forever commitment as their guardian, they will never have to face a rescue scenario even in their golden years. At the end of the day, the H2M2 Nation celebrates the "FOREVER” commitment. We are here to support ALL of our H2M2 members with a caring, friendly and supportive environment, whether you chose to adopt or purchase your Northern breed.

We do realize that there will always be differences in opinions and a lot can be gained through this process. We do not allow rude, profane or unprofessional posts. Keep in mind that we are state based and this could be your neighbor.

We have a tremendous love for our Northern Breeds and it BEARs all things: Breed Education, Awareness and Rescue!

REMINDER: H2M2 strongly recommends that puppies have gone through the entire cycle of vaccinations including rabies and bordatella as a precautionary measure and for the safety and well being of your pup.

We do NOT allow aggressive dogs or females in heat at our events. Every owner is responsible 100% for their own pet.

In addition, there should be no toys, treats or food as it could create issues among other dogs who may have toy/food aggression.

We are currently in 25 states. All state groups are formed on Facebook. We only "GO Live" and promote when someone expresses an interest in starting a group.

FIND US on FB: Husky Huddle and Malamute Mingle - (Your State)

If you are committed and LOVE Northern breeds, send me a message.